Standex Engineering Technologies Group – Experts in metal fabrication.

Standex Engraving Group – You experience our textures each day.

Standex Electronics Group – Custom-engineered solutions for tomorrow.

Standex Food Service Group – Innovation for food service professionals.

Standex Hydraulics Group – Ultimate in hydraulic cylinder performance.


  • Feb 05, 2020

    Standex Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2020 Financial Results
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  • Feb 04, 2020

    Standex Declares 222nd Consecutive Quarterly Cash Dividend
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  • Nov 06, 2019

    Standex Reports First Quarter 2020 Financial Results
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  • Aug 27, 2019

    Standex Reports Fourth Quarter 2019 Financial Results
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Standex at a Glance

Standex International Corporation is a diversified global manufacturing company operating in five segments which consist of our Food Service Equipment, Engraving, Engineering Technologies, Electronics and Hydraulics divisions. The company’s market-leading manufacturing brands are recognized for quality and innovation.

Standex Strategy

Standex’s business strategy centers on operating fewer, more profitable business units. Since 2000, Standex has leveraged its expertise in acquiring companies and divesting non-core businesses to implement a broad portfolio restructuring.

The company divested eight businesses and 20 properties totalling approximately $366 million of 2000 revenue for gross proceeds of $125 million. In tandem with these actions, Standex employed the cash generated from divestitures to add 18 businesses through bolt-on strategic acquisitions that today contribute approximately $274 million in annual sales.

Operational Excellence

Standex is focused on generating strong operating leverage through a strict adherence to operational excellence across the organization. The company’s efforts include implementing continuous improvement initiatives to reduce costs and working capital; using Lean enterprise as a key implementation tool; leveraging operational synergies across and within business groups; and migrating manufacturing to lower-cost locations globally.

Organic Growth

Standex’s organic growth initiatives have been contributing positively to sales, and the company expects this success to continue to build. These organic growth initiatives include new customer programs and innovative new products as a result of the collaborative relationship between Standex and its customers. Standex also is growing sales organically by broadening its presence geographically in each business segment and by entering adjacent markets and cross selling within segments.